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Please let me introduced myself, my name is Sara Amir, working for Elbardy for Export Co. (One of the biggest Egyptian exporting companies in fresh fruits, vegetables fresh and frozen also dried). We have been searching for reputable companies with whom we can contact for fresh fruits and vegetables. Accordingly, we have got the details of your company. So it will be our pleasure to discuss with you would there be any possibility to establish a cooperation in this field. Beside that please find below a brief idea about our company:- Elbardy for Export is a leading Egyptian export company founded back in 2006
We possess high-quality selection machines and fruit waxing machines, which are all at internationally recognized standards. Therefore, we export high quality products. The products we are dealing with:- fruits (orange navel Valencia mandarins tangerine – lemon –lime- grapes white and red seeded and seedless -pomegrante-watermelone-cantalupe-nactarine-apricot-mango-kiwi-kishta )frozen fruits all available also
Vegetables (potato-sweet potato-onion yellow red white-garlic red and white-tomato-cherry tomato-cucumber-carrot-pepper red green yellow-chili hot normal-fresh herpes coriander kospera and more-eggplant long round black and white –dried white kidney beans –chick peas-nuts- fresh herbs -Centro – dill – Salsa – bolas – Asbraszos – Mint
Also we can work for your order of any of other agriculture products from Egypt which we do not mention with the best price at all
We search partners from the entire world to do safe work and achieve our goals best price to all with the best quality
Hope that the above information would be of interest to you. We can invite you to visit our farms and backing station to see the high level of work.
You are invited to visit our company and Our Farms And watch the harvesting, Also you can see the packing station and its stages, And you can inspect the Grapes by yourself

With Our Best Regards

Sara amer

Numbers speak for themselves!

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Curated products
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We deal with various quality organic products!

  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Beauty products
  • Milk products
  • Organic honey
  • Organic tea