Product    : fresh lettu

 origin: Egypt

Brand name : Elbardy  fresh lettuce

Varieties: Ice berg lettuce/ local lettuce

Availability: Most of  Year

 Color: Naturally full green

Size: 45 – 55 cm approx.

Packing : 2kg ,4kg,5kg open top carton

Packing: The packing specifications of the 1×40 ft. reefer container:

Ice berg lettuce

Container 40 feet reefer  20 pallets

Each pallet contains 80 plastic box or 90 carton box

The container capacity (plastic box) 1600 box

(Carton box) 1800 box

 Box carries 8:10 pieces

Weight 600 gm: 700 gm per piece

Intermediary weight per carton 5.6/7 kg

Intermediary weight per box 5.5/6 kg

Intermediary Weight per container carton box 12600 kg

Intermediary Weight per container plastic box 9600 kg


From 1st November(Harvesting time) till the middle of May

Shipping by 40′ FCL Reefer Container or  by airfreight

Payment Conditions

We prefer TT.  Telegraphic transfer to save time and procedures But we also accept LCLetters of Credit Confirmed