Origin: Egypt

Product : fresh guava

 Variety: Egyptian sweet guava

Color: Natural Greeny Yellow

 Packing: 5 kg opentop carton

Container capacity Details :

Number of Tons per container :   17 tons

Number of Pallets per container :20 pallets

Number of Cartons per container: 3400 cartons 

Number of Cartons per pallet : 170   cartons

Guava Analysis:

Brix 8-15

Acidity 0.4-0.6%

PH 3 – 3.8

A single Guava fruit contains 30% of an adult’s daily witamin C requirement, and the fruit is a rich source o foc acid

Analysis by Agriculture Ministry

Air Shipping :

Number of Tons per Shipmen: 1-2 tons

Shipping from cairo airport to any destination

Container shipping details

We have relations with most of International Shipping Lines

Such as: Maersk – cma –happag  llyod –kline

Shippi-ng Start Within:

 7 days of receiving prepayment